Cayle Adams

Cayle (he/him/his)
In my seven years working in the counseling field, I have found curiosity and passion for the exploration of each persons way of making meaning and sense of the world, to be a constant through-line.
I have spent several years working as a substance abuse counselor, wilderness therapy field guide, and a psychiatric inpatient behavioral health specialist, mostly with children and adolescents.
In my years working outside it was clear to me that simply “being” and “doing” in that setting had a way of analogizing the human experience in ways that encourgaged therapeutic growth.
Indoors, I try to facilitate this process through immediacy, play, and genuine empathic connection. Grounded in an integrative client centered approach, I strive to stand beside clients as they navigate their own lives.
Specialties and passions include working with mood disorders, oppositional/disruptive behavior disorders, emerging adolescent personality disorders, substance abuse, and attentional challenges.
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