Holly Marks

“Holly Marks enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Holly is completing her internship in Clinical Mental Health at Adams State University and is passionate about helping all clients who walk through Golden Wellness Center’s doors. As a therapist, Holly adopts a person-centered approach where she honors each person’s unique values, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. She empowers her clients through play therapy, mindfulness, strength-based, and Polyvagal Theory-informed approaches which help individuals become aware of their emotions, celebrate their strengths, and learn skills to work through challenges. She helps her clients develop a deeper sense of self-compassion, insight, self-confidence, and the awareness to embrace and find balance within their own nervous systems.

Holly is also a teacher who works with students with social, emotional, and learning disabilities. She has taught and mentored children and adolescents in different capacities for 15 years. She is passionate about creating safe and supportive spaces where her clients can be vulnerable and honest and able to grow.

Holly grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and enjoys climbing 14ers, long-distance backpacking, photography, theatre, and raising a Beagle puppy with her partner Scott.”
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