Jordan Yost

“Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor | Certified in Perinatal Mental Health Specializing in Women Pre- and Post-Natal Jordan Yost is a highly respected Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with a profound dedication to the field of mental health. Her passion and expertise began with a specialization in children and adolescents and she is currently focused on women during the crucial pre and post-natal phases of their lives. With a focus on perinatal and postpartum support, she provides individual and group counseling to parents during these transformative periods. Central to Jordan’s approach is her certification in Perinatal Mental Health, a specialization that equips her with the unique skills and knowledge necessary to support individuals as they navigate the challenges of the perinatal and postpartum phases. The holistic support she offers extends to women, recognizing the significant emotional, physical, and psychological shifts that occur during the journey of conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Jordan’s therapeutic foundation is rooted in Synergetic Play Therapy, a research-based play therapy model that focuses on nervous system regulation, attachment, mindfulness, and neuroscience as models for change. Most recently, Jordan has become certified in leading Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy virtually, guiding individuals on their psychedelic journeys through safe and research-based interventions. These comprehensive approaches allow her to address a wide range of emotional and spiritual challenges faced by her clients as individuals seeking mental health support and as parents seeking parenting support in this new phase of life. In her practice, Jordan seamlessly weaves in nature-based interventions, recognizing the profound connection between our well-being and the natural world. The therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented, and this integrated approach allows her clients to find healing and growth while connecting with the environment. Jordan’s professional journey is characterized by a deep commitment to helping individuals in the transformative stages of motherhood and providing parenting support to parents of all genders. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Jordan has not only excelled in her practice but has also become a valuable mentor to the next generation of therapists. Her leadership and dedication to the field are instrumental in shaping the future of mental health counseling. Beyond her professional life, Jordan is a testament to her commitment to fostering well-being. She enjoys practicing yoga as a way to ground throughout the week, spending time in nature hiking, kayaking and exploring the mountains in Oregon, where she resides. Jordan sees clients both virtually and in person when she returns to Golden several times a year and is committed to nurturing compassionate and connected relationships with her clients.
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