Julie Barnhart

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
Julie Barnhart is a compassionate and experienced Licensed Professional Counselor candidate with a profound dedication to mental health and well-being. She holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and has accumulated 12 years of valuable experience in the field.
As a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Julie brings a holistic approach to her counseling practice, seamlessly weaving together the physical and mental aspects of well-being. Her approach is deeply contemplative and somatically-oriented, emphasizing mind-body awareness and integration. Mindfulness-awareness is a key component of her practice when appropriate.
Julie firmly believes in the workability of challenges and that everyone deserves happiness, contentment, and freedom from suffering. Her counseling style is collaborative, as she partners with clients to find the path to healing and well-being. She emphasizes that healing does not happen in isolation, and she is dedicated to walking alongside her clients, imparting the confidence she already has in their healing potential.
With extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, including those struggling with conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, OCD, ADHD/ADD, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and BPD, Julie’s expertise is invaluable. She also has experience working with clients on the autism spectrum and related comorbidities and crises.
Julie has counseled clients at various stages of development, from children as young as 4 to adults in hospice care and everyone in between. Her specialization lies in working with adolescents and adults, and she is excited to be a part of the dedicated team of clinicians at The Golden Wellness Center.
Julie’s unique blend of experience, contemplative approach, and incorporation of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques make her a valuable asset to the field of mental health counseling. Her mission is to support clients in awakening to their own basic goodness, enabling them to embody confidence, resilience, and joy for a full and satisfying life.

This bio summarizes Julie Barnhart’s background, therapeutic philosophy, and the diverse range of clients she has supported throughout her career. It highlights her holistic approach to counseling and her commitment to helping clients achieve well-being and happiness.”
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