Makaela Bamonti

“Makaela Bamonti is a current master’s-level graduate student at Regis University studying Mental Health Counseling with a focus on integrative and experiential psychotherapy and various forms of person-centered, humanistic, mindfulness, relational, and trauma & grief-informed. Makaela works with children in child-centered play therapy settings, adolescents, and individual adults. Makaela aims to foster collaboration with clients to weave different types of exploration and discovery into each session.

Makaela takes part in meeting humans where they are, illuminating their superpowers, and blending their uniqueness into the gifts they share with the world, honoring the intricately interconnected web of life through present-moment awareness. Makaela believes that we can turn our pain into sources of strength and aims to help clients understand the stories that fuel behaviors and find wisdom through their impact on our lives. Makaela approaches all of her clients with a sense of wonderment and curiosity at what will unfold in the sacred therapeutic container. She believes that therapy is meant to be constructed for each individual’s needs as everyone has their own stories, perspectives, and life experiences that shape who they are, and why they are. It is not about “what is wrong with you”, it is about “what has happened to you” and how we work with that. All of who you are is welcomed and accepted in each session.

“”Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.”” (A. Voskamp)”
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