Nicole Loyd

“ Nicole understands that moving through this world can be difficult at times. She believes Therapy is a space where clients can bring their challenges and develop skills to work through them. As a somatic practitioner, Nicole utilizes the body (soma) in various ways. Her work with clients includes reuniting and tapping into the vast wisdom and information present within the body. Nicole believes that highlighting the body/mind connection can be a valuable resource, a source of information, and an entry point to understanding our past and present.

Nicole may be a good fit for you if you are looking to improve your relationships, regulate your nervous system, lean into rest, understand yourself better, have better boundaries, express creatively, tap into vulnerability and emotion, and move towards an empowered way of showing up in the world.

Nicole works with people experiencing a variety of challenges through a social justice lens. These challenges include but are not limited to ADHD, complex trauma, major life transitions, depression, and anxiety. Her approach utilizes many resources within somatic psychology, arts-based therapy, person-centered therapy, nature-based therapy, parts work, attachment theory, and yoga therapy.

Nicole tailors her sessions to each individual client based on their goals and circumstances. Clients have the space to be exactly who they are while exploring their growing edges. Outside of the therapeutic space, Nicole is a nature lover, music enthusiast, yoga practitioner, and poet. She is in her third year of a Masters of Body Psychotherapy degree at Naropa University.

Nicole wholeheartedly believes that therapy is a relationship based on trust. She thanks her clients for trusting her with their deep work and true selves and genuinely feels it is an honor to witness their process and be a part of their journey.”
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